Lodging your first pay run

Having added your payees, you are now ready to submit your first pay run.

Start by clicking on the Pay runs link on the side panel, then on the New pay run button:

Adjust the pay run details according to your specific scenario:

The Pay cycle field is of particular importance. The system uses it to:

  • calculate the Start date, whenever the End date changes and

  • filter the list of available employees, e.g. Weekly pay cycles list only the employees paid weekly, Monthly pay cycles list only employees paid monthly and so on

Add all the payments made to your payees and click Save when done. Then submit the pay run to the ATO by clicking on the Lodge with ATO button:

In order to ensure a successful pay run lodgement, please consider the following advice from the ATO. To satisfy the STP reporting obligations of the payer:

  • lodgements must be submitted on, or before, the date the payment is made and

  • lodgements must contain at least one payee record and

  • payee records must include both tax withheld and superannuation entitlement information

Lodgements are usually processed in a couple of minutes. Once the processing completes, the result will be available in the notifications section:

Click on the 🔔 to view your current notifications. Dismiss old notifications, once they are no longer relevant.

Alternatively, you can retrieve your pay run record and check the status in there:

In case your lodgement failed you can reopen the pay run, make any necessary corrections, and resubmit it to the ATO:

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