Setting up payroll

On your first login you will be prompted to set up your new account:

Click on the Account setup required link and follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen.

The first step determines the type of account you are creating:

  • users reporting for their own business are creating regular accounts (Basic subscription initially, with the option of upgrading to the Advanced subscription later on)

  • users reporting for other businesses are creating agent accounts (Ultimate subscription)

The type of account cannot be changed once the initial setup is finalised.

Enter your user details, then click Next:

Enter your business details, then click Next:

When creating an Agent account for reporting STP on behalf of your customers, you must enter your own business details on this page (your customers will be set up separately, after this setup is finalised):

If an Agent account was created, the setup is concluded:

If a Regular account was created, the setup is finalised by confirming your STP details:

Before you submit STP reports you must register your new Software ID with the ATO, to let them know that SESQUE PTY LTD is your new payroll provider. Find out more details here.

If you have already lodged STP reports from another system this financial year, you must decide what to do with your existing ATO data. There are several different options at your disposal, each with its own pros and cons. Find out more details here.

Lastly, click Finish to start using the system.

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