Finalisation declaration

At the end of each financial year payers must notify the ATO that they have finished reporting for all their payees. This is called the finalisation declaration and must be submitted to the ATO by either July 14th for arm's length employees or September 30th for closely held payees.

If you only have closely held payees, you have until the due date of the closely held payee’s individual income tax return to make the finalisation declaration, which usually is October 31st.

In seSQue Payroll this can be done from the payment summary of the financial year. Go to Payment summary and find the financial year you want to finalise:

Edit the payment summary, add the required payees and review their amounts:

Then click Save when you are ready:

Click on the Finalise STP button to instruct the ATO to mark the records of the nominated payees as tax ready for the given financial year:

Note that you do not necessarily have to finalise all your payee records at the same time. You may choose to add payees to the payment summary gradually, as their records become tax ready. Each time your click on the Finalise STP button, the system will submit to the ATO only the unlocked payee records, skipping the already finalised ones:

Lastly, after all your payee records have been finalised for a given financial year, you may want to lock the payment summary to prevent further changes. To do that, expand the Finalise STP split button and select Lock payment summary:

Once that is done, the system will prevent further changes to this particular payment summary. Note however, that you still have the option to reopen this payment summary later on, if more changes are required:

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